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This Stopped me from Acting and Modelling (Cubital Tunnel Syndrome)

I feel it’s important for you to hear my story because if yours is similar I may be able to help you.
Roughly between September – October 2014 I experienced elbow pain with a flicking sensation around the elbow joint. The following four years I tried to fix this problem. I saw every type of practitioner under the sun (chiros, doctors, acupuncturists, physio’s, sports specialists, elbow specialists) take mark of the plurals. All practitioners had different opinions on what was wrong and what I should do. I had multiple tests done (MRI, ultrasounds, x-rays). I tried all the suggestions

I Lost my Modelling Contract to Emotional Binge Eating

I put the reason for bingeing down to a few things. The first and probably the biggest factor was not eating ENOUGH. That’s right, not enough. Dieting too intensely and undereating. Since I was in such a depleted state I would unconsciously find the most caloric dense foods to consume. Some refer to this as going into the “animal mind” or going into a survival state. Our mind/body does this so we can survive.

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